The Mad Dog; Mad Dog Scooter Shop's signature scooter.

The Mad Dog

Looks wont be the only thing you get on this bike!

The Mad Dog comes equipped with a 49.7cc (the infamous GY6) motor cranks out all the power you need for urban riding, and delivers incredible gas mileage at the same time. 

you will get an amazing 100+ MPG average is 110.

Make it your own!

First ever fully customizable Ruckus Clone, would like to proudly introduce you to the

 Mad Dog.


Feel free to browse our selection of aftermarket parts, and start building your

Mad Dog.

The Mad Dog is 100% street legal.

 NO motorcycle license


Insurance required to ride.

Phone: (321)-549-9323

Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday- Friday: 9 a. m. - 5 p. m.

Saturday & Sunday: 10 a. m. - 4 p. m.

Lean and Mean

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but go ahead and judge the Mad Dog It’s got nothing to hide, and everything to brag about, flaunting its 12" stretch, & 12x7 wide tire  all-business, urban-warrior look.  the Mad Dog  also has over 300+aftermarket parts to upgrade and truly make this scooter your own. Feel free to view our Parts Catalog.


Off-The-Leash Fun

The Mad Dog  looks like it could survive a nuclear blast and come out swinging. But the Mad Dog is about way more than just a unique look: Its thrifty 49cc engine gets awesome mileage. It’s automatic transmission makes for no-shifting, seamless power in and out of traffic. Its electric starter means you just turn a key, push a button, and you’re outta there. The Mad Dog is not only a blast

—it’s nearly unstoppable